The finest cut flower seed

in hand-made envelopes as beautiful as their contents


Flowers exist for beauty and the bees. We mark births, deaths, happinesses and sorrows with flowers. It has been so forever.  The only thing better than flowers is seeds. Seeds are the potential for glorious beauty. My cut flower seeds are packed in hand-printed, recycled cotton-rag envelopes. Perfect for giving, sowing, or just for cherishing.

As a psychologist, I understand the emotional connection we all have to hand-made, tactile and natural materials, to colour and textures, to the possibility of growth. An understanding of how humanity needs soil and beauty now more than ever.

My studio was built to house the shelves of seeds and brick-mould boxes of envelopes. It stands at the end of the garden of my 16th century thatched cottage in the Blackdown Hills. I pack my seeds looking out over my orchard and my meadow-planted flower field.

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to explore the seeds for presents, and seeds for bees. Maybe just seeds for you.


Hardy annuals for sowing in September


Absolutely everything you could every want for the most perfect cutting garden, including a slate grey box and gold silk ribbon. All these varieties will grow well from an autumn start and will form strong, healthy plants before getting on it early next year and flowering their socks off. The colour scheme if you chose to grow all of them together, which of course I hope you will, is of pale, muted darks (think black cornflowers and the darkest of the dark scabious) against drifts of white, warmed with the ruddy reds of the orach. Pops of blue put in some fresh elements. All photography by Julia Hodgson, one of the first to receive one of these gorgeous boxes, and who was kind enough to take some pictures.

Contains one of each:

  • Ammi

  • Briza maxima

  • Black cornflowers

  • White larkspur

  • Cynoglossum blue

  • Daucus Carota ‘Dara’

  • Echinops ritro

  • Nigella white

  • Nigella blue

  • Orlaya grandiflora

  • Opium poppies

  • Red orach

  • Scabiosa ‘stateside mix’

  • Scabiosa ‘Ping pong’

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