Grace Alexander Flowers


Grace Alexander Flowers is a third of an acre field in a village in Somerset. Here, I grow the flowers I love. Peonies, roses, more tulips than is strictly necessary. I grow blushes, apricots, creams and rust coloured flowers, because they make me happiest. There are flowers for every part of our lives. Births, weddings, joys, sorrows. And the only thing better than flowers are flower seeds.

Seeds are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone. Tiny fragments of hope and potential and happiness waiting to happen. And now, finally, these perfect little things are enclosed in packages that do justice to the beauty of their contents. For the gardener in your life, for the person who deserves a treat and to feel loved, for that slightly tricky in-law that you really really want to impress.


Celebrating Spring: Seeds to sow now

It's finally here. Finally. To celebrate, have ten of my best hardy annuals for sowing in your pot, patch, garden or field right now. They are wrapped in handmade tissue paper made with the fibres from the paper mulberry, ton saa. The parcel is tied with Kate Cullen hand died silk ribbon in a range of Spring colours.

If this is a gift, fill in the form and the seeds will be sent with your message, ready wrapped for joy.

A celebration of Spring: Seeds to sow now
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