Sweet peas

The Ultimate Collection


A big fat box of growing happiness. Fourteen different varieties of sweet pea, every single one I grow. (You don’t have to grow them all this season, as long as you keep them cool and dry, this box contains many years of flowers.) The box is slate grey and I tie them with stunning charcoal silk ribbon. I know, so stylishly monochrome for such crazily colourful contents. I’m all about the juxtaposition.

The Ultimate Collection contains one packet each of:

  • Nimbus

  • Windsor

  • Jilly

  • Bristol

  • Erewhon

  • Dusty Springfield

  • Charlie's Angel

  • Piggy Sue

  • Enchante

  • Restormel

  • Valerie Harrod

  • Mollie Rilstone

  • Betty Maiden

  • Eclipse

That’s all of them basically. They are bundled and bound to make them easy to give to someone you are wanting to treat (or impress). They have comprehensive growing instructions handily printed on the inside, so even absolute horticultural novices are guaranteed success.

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