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If you are interested in featuring the meadows, orchard, flower field, cottage or seeds in your publication or your magazine shoot, please drop me an email on the Contact page. I also write on issues relating to British Flowers, sowing, growing, cutting and enjoying cut flowers, and the relationship between nature, horticulture and mental health.


Gardenista - May 2018

I've followed Clare Coulson for a while. It was a bit of a surreal moment when she turned up on my front doorstep and came in for coffee. My sang froid was seriously undermined by my best dog disappearing in all the excitement and having to be retrieved from the tea rooms next door. She has form for eating other people's lunches and I'm a bit concerned about having to pick up the tab (my best dog, not Clare) Anyway, we had a very nice chat once I'd calmed down, and then I found myself being featured on the best gardening blog ever.

The pictures were taken by Roger Bool (@likesnicephotos). I love that there's a bit of thatch in there too. Yes, I really do live in a thatched cottage, promise. The full blog post can be found here.

Creative Countryside - Spring 2018

In print. In real actual, touchable, printed print. This is a glorious magazine. Have a look at my bit here.

I talk a bit about my day to day life and how I balance creativity in my business with my full time job as a psychologist. Also, my dogs, my morning routine, my cottage.


The telegraph - July 2018

“If you are a gardener, or a nature lover, or you just spend long enough on Instagram, high-street and Dutch-imported flowers can start to look very uninspiring,” says Grace Alexander, Somerset seed supplier and occasional florist. “This means if you want something that makes you stand out from the crowd, you need to get your flowers from somewhere other than the big lorries or the big wholesalers and their walk-in fridges. “Growing your own flowers or foraging for native flora – sweet peas with tendrils, foxgloves, all those things that don’t travel well – and foliage, especially seedheads and weeds, are all ways of creating a really unique aesthetic.” Get the full read here.

Please note that one of the photos is incorrectly credited to me, it is in fact Judith Jones.

Photo of the work of the utterly amazing, most inspirational ever Susanne Hatwood of the Blue Carrot.