Grace Alexander Flowers

Cut flower seed for growing happiness

Mole Day Workshop at Harp Cottage

Preparing your home for hibernation and happiness with flowers and foliage

21 November 2018


Home is important. Our surroundings determine how we feel about the world; how we feel about the world decides the spaces we choose to be in. Simply put, where we are affects who we are. In November, the time of withdrawal and hibernation and slowing down, this becomes more and more important. We need comfort, warmth, candles and blankets, light in the gloom, if we are to make it through to Spring whole.

In this workshop, I’ll show you how to use the beautiful and calm space of Harp Cottage to think and plan how to make the most of your home as a place of retreat, hibernation and nurturance. In the morning, you’ll learn how to use forced bulbs and vintage glass to bring light inside. In the afternoon, we’ll reach out into our wider surroundings. Bringing the wintery outside inside through natural foraged and home grown materials, you’ll weave and build a candled wreath that suits you and your space just right.

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