Seeds for plants for dyEing

Dye Hard


Photographs above by Christine Lewis.

I so wanted to call this section ‘I see your true colours’ but it didn’t fit. There is something absolutely magical and slightly unbelievable about using roots, petals and leaves to change a neutral cotton from plain to wonderful. The alchemy of bubbling pots of colour, blues and purples and deep russet reds. Leaves, twigs, rusty nails. Even the ancient names of the plants give a clue to how long humans have used them, how long they have been part of the fabric of our culture and our society. Pun slightly intended. Woad. Weld. Lady’s bedstraw. Dyers tickseed.

I am absolutely delighted to have started my journey into the world of dyeing with the expert, Christine Lewis Studio. Christine not only produces her own dyes from foraged material but she also has a dyers garden in which she grows her own plants and flowers for botanical colouring. We have teamed up to design an exclusive collection of seeds for the best dyeing plants you can grow. A range of plants and flowers that cover a range of colours: coral reds, carrot oranges, olives, greys, mustard yellows and that absolutely perfect shade of indigo blue.

From plant to product takes a minimum of 21 days. I love the age old, unhurried process. In today’s manic world, that feels like a much needed change of pace.

Rainwater, season, soil and the age of the plant-stuff all influence the colour in the dye pot, so every product is unique. This can’t be replicated by synthetic dyes and brings wonder and excitement to every dye batch.
— Christine Lewis Studio